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The Advocate Marketing Playbook

What's in the Playbook?

The Advocate Marketing Playbook, created by TOPO, provides marketers with a blueprint from which to build and manage a successful advocate marketing program; it’s a detailed “how-to” guide based on proven best practices.

Part 1: Your introduction to advocate marketing

Part 2: Laying the foundation for a world-class advocate marketing program 

Part 3: From planning to identifying and onboarding advocates 

Part 4: Engaging and rewarding your advocates 

Part 5: Tracking and analyzing the results of your advocate marketing program

Who should use the Playbook?
Marketers who want to incorporate customers into their sales and marketing programs in a meaningful and systematic way should find it particularly useful.

How to use the Playbook
The Advocate Marketing Playbook focuses on how to create and manage an advocate marketing program. Think of the Playbook as a roadmap to guide you through the process of planning and launching your own advocate marketing program.

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