Evolve as a marketer: find your EDGE

The very definition of marketing seems to change on a daily basis. Your competitive EDGE is determined by how fast you can adapt. Don’t get left behind: Join EDGE, a learning community dedicated to the growth and development of customer-obsessed marketers.

EDGE is the first learning community designed specifically for marketers who are obsessed with customer experience, engagement, and advocacy. EDGE helps you:

Earn your marketing chops!
Acquire new knowledge and skills that will help you plan, execute and measure customer-centric marketing strategies.

Boost your marketing klout!
A little self-promotion never hurts. Get recognized with Advocate Marketing Certifications.

Grow your career!
Take the next leap in your continued evolution as a marketer.

The EDGE Approach:

To deliver the best education, the EDGE Approach was developed for any marketer, in any organization, at any level of maturity. Using the structured design of the The EDGE Approach, you will:

  • Establish understandings of advocacy, objectives, alignment, corporate strategy
  • Develop advocate management processes, structured communities, advocacy throughout the customer journey
  • Generate advocate engagement, departmental results, strategic/cross-departmental results
  • Elevate advocate experiences, customer relationships, advocate/customer LTV

New course materials will be added frequently! Sign up now to check it out and stay on top of the new content coming your way!

Ready to find your EDGE, but still have some questions? Contact us to speak directly with one of our EDGEucators.

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