My boss/team just aren’t bought into advocate marketing

Nothing leaves you shaking in your boots like pitching a new program to a roomful of your peers–or, even more terrifying, your executive sponsor. Their creeping doubt can stop your advocate marketing ambitions dead in their tracks.

Fight back! Show how advocate marketing generates revenue, improves the customer experience and benefits your whole organization. Here's how one marketing manager did it:

“We had to at least prove ROI before launching the program to the senior leadership team…So, we made projections on what the program had to offer and the results we could achieve. We put together an ROI spreadsheet...made some estimates and revealed a 10X return.”
- Zaid Rasid, Digital Marketing Manager, Asigra

Advocate marketing is recognized by the world’s most influential B2B marketing analysts

Analysts from Altimeter Group, SiriusDecisions, Forrester and Gartner all agree: advocate marketing is the next big thing and B2B marketing leaders must invest in advocacy now to be successful.

"Advocate marketing programs are essential in an age where your ability to gain and keep customers is the last-remaining defensible competitive advantage."
- Forrester Research

Provide a better customer experience

By 2016, 89% of companies expect to compete primarily on customer experience (Gartner). Advocate marketing:
• Strengthens the relationships between your company and its customers 
• Gives customers exclusive access to the inner workings of your company 
• Delights customers with recognition, rewards and perks 
• Avoids burnout by empowering customers to advocate on their own terms 
• Closes the loop on the outcome of references and referrals

Learn how HP created 1:1 relationships with 1,000+ customers.

An efficient way to generate leads and revenue

Advocate marketing programs drive: 
• More qualified referral leads
• Higher conversion rates 
Accelerated sales processes 
• More cross-sell and upsell revenue 
• Increased customer loyalty 
Lower churn rates

Don’t believe us? Hear some of our customers’ stories…

Impact every department in your organization

Answer the question “What’s in it for me?” and find champions for advocate marketing outside of your department:


Fill your pipeline with more high-quality referral leads. Accelerate deals with customer references and social proof on the web.


Inform your marketing with customer insights. Co-create content and campaigns. Inspire your audience with customer voices. Amplify your message through advocate distribution.


Collect insights on your customers’ needs and wants. Get product feedback on the fly. Quickly identify beta testers. Announce new product releases.


Educate, motivate and onboard customers. Monitor customer satisfaction and engagement. Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Scale advocacy with the right technology

You could run an advocate marketing program using a spreadsheet and email...but there are only so many hours in a day.

Influitive's AdvocateHub software provides a single destination for advocate engagement, activity tracking, rewards and recognition.

Want to know more about how AdvocateHub works? Read some of our reviews:
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Buying is scary for your customers too

If you think YOUR buying experience was scary, imagine how TERRIFYING it is for your potential customers. Advocate marketing makes it easy, fast and enjoyable for your customers to help prospects overcome their biggest fears at every stage of the buying process.

Schedule a no-pressure call with Influitive today to discuss how you can make your buying process less frightening for your customers.

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