I don't have the resources for a program like this

You don’t need to be a super sleuth to find resources for your advocate marketing program. Between the advocacy initiatives you may already be doing–references and case studies, for example–and the time you'll save with the help of your advocates, it's easier than you think! Here’s how one marketer found the bandwidth for her program.

“We were really concerned with bandwidth, time and resources. One way we combatted this early on was by producing a simple six-month content plan. When the content was laid out, that helped us gauge how much time was going to be needed.”
-Megan McConnell, Customer Marketing Manager, InsideView

Keep your advocate marketing program costs low

An advocate marketing program doesn’t have to kill your budget.

Advocates aren’t motivated by expensive monetary rewards. They prefer recognition and sincere thanks over gift cards. The best programs recognize advocates with rewards money can't buy: exclusive access to your company and executives, or highly prized event experiences, for example.

Scale advocacy to save time and effort

Influitive's advocate marketing software saves time on many activities—such as gathering:

• References
• Referrals
• Product feedback
• Marketing testimonials 
• Customer case studies
• and much more!

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can send relevant requests to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of your advocates.

Rely on our expertise

Strapped for time and bandwidth? Influitive's Advocate Marketing Services team, led by experienced advocate marketers, can help you create a strategic plan, execute engaging campaigns and accelerate your advocate marketing success.

Manage your advocate marketing program with ease

The biggest investment in your program will be your administrator’s time. There are lots of ways to efficiently manage your program:


Integrate your advocate marketing program into your existing customer engagement efforts—such as references, product feedback and more


Schedule daily activities for your advocates in advance—they'll appreciate your consistency and get excited by on-going themes and campaigns


Advocacy isn't just for marketing. Involve key stakeholders from departments like sales, customer success and product


Use the AdvocateHub challenge template library and join Influitive's advocate marketing program, Influitive VIP, to get ideas and inspiration for your own program

Buying is scary for your customers too

If you think YOUR buying experience was scary, imagine how TERRIFYING it is for your potential customers. Advocate marketing makes it easy, fast and enjoyable for your customers to help prospects overcome their biggest fears at every stage of the buying process.

Schedule a no-pressure call with Influitive today to discuss how you can make your buying process less frightening for your customers.

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